Creating an effective media campaign for your company means making the most of TV, web, radio, and print, but also understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each kind of media. In an emerging market like Cambodia, media tastes are changing rapidly as consumers become more educated, trend savvy, and digitally literate.


media in Cambodia

Whereas 3.1% of Cambodians used the internet five years ago, the ubiquitous availability of cellphones and the access to affordable and reliable mobile internet has boosted internet penetration, which has now reached 40%. However, as most internet users are still concentrated in urban areas, companies may find that the most effective media campaign will also use traditional outlets like TV, radio, and print to reach Cambodia’s primarily rural population.


In such a challenging environment, it’s important to have a strategy before you start your media campaign. This means ticking some key boxes, plotting your course, and also thinking about whether you want to bring on professional help with your campaign. Keep in mind as well that moderate investments in the beginning can have a huge impact down the line and give your brand an advantage over your competitors.


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