Innovative campaign hopes to raise support offering a second chance to disadvantaged children to return to school.


Phnom Penh, 2nd June 2016 – On Thursday 2nd of June 2016, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) presented Mission Muoy Roy, a charity project that aims at collecting as many 100 Riel bills as possible within 100 days.


Cambodian-American singer and songwriter Laura Mam, the official Ambassador of the campaign asks to support unprivileged Cambodian children’s education.


“Mission Muoy Roy will certainly make people aware of the needs of vulnerable children and their families, particularly the need for quality education. The more people know, the more they support a good cause. Mission Muoy Roy has an important aim, to secure the access to good education for underprivileged children while decreasing their dropout rate, says PIN Sarapich, Program Director at PSE.


The concept of the campaign is to collect a huge amount of 100 Riel notes in 100 days. “100 Riel notes are often forgotten everywhere, in our pockets, in our bags, in our drawers and on our desks. The idea is to collect them and give them a second life for charity. We are really pleased to help make this project come to life and to contribute to a good cause. We give a big thanks to all the professionals who have made this possible; sponsors, media partners and the partners who are pacing a collection box in their businesses,” says Laurent Notin, Managing Director of Brains Communication, the initiator of the Campaign.


The funds raised will be used for the Accelerated Learning Studies (ALS) program at PSE Remedial School Center for 660 destitute children. ALS covers their nutrition, extracurricular activities, healthcare, school maintenance, social support, and rice compensation to their families as well.


“This campaign touches the public’s heart. We believe that through many of these small contributions, we can get the children out of poverty for good and into education, which is considered to be the main goal of PSE. Our NGO gets contributions from more than 20,000 people and we hope that through this campaign we can raise more funds to complete the puzzle,” says Sarapich.


Laura Mam explains what made her decide to become Mission Muoy Roy Ambassador and how important it is to contribute to the campaign: “I want to be a part of the changing society- being in the limelight gives me the power to bring light to a good cause. It’s my dream to see every Cambodian child have access to education,” she said. Good deeds, no matter how small they are, always add up into something greater. Just like the 100R. Together, this is a chance to give back to this country and contribute to Cambodia’s future generation.”


Donation boxes on display during the press conference will be placed around leading establishments and venues in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Money contributions of any amount are also welcome via Wings money transfer and through more than 200 ‘pay and go’ systems across the country.


Visit the Mission Muoy Roy official website or the Facebook page #Mission Muoy Roy.






About Mission Muoy Roy: Mission Muoy Roy is inspired by “Operation Pieces Jaunes” (Operation Yellow Coins), an annual fundraising and awareness campaign organized by the Parisian Hospital Foundation.


French national Alicia Guthert, who moved to Cambodia two years ago, adapted the campaign by collecting 100 Riel notes instead. She approached Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) for this project and in 2015, Brains Communication, a marketing agency based in Phnom Penh offered to join the project. In January 2016, renown Cambodian-American singer and songwriter Laura Mam agrees to be the ambassador and spokesperson for the Mission Muoy Roy campaign.


Within less than a year, Mission Muoy Roy partnered with Cambodia Airport, Blue Pumpkin, Dim Sum Emperors, Emperor of China, U-Care, Frangipani Hotels, Topaz, Eric Kayser, Legend Cinema, Chatime and Monument Books to place the collection boxes. PayGo and Wing agreed to offer their services through kiosks and counters across Cambodia.


For more information about the Mission Muoy Roy please contact:


Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE)
Mr. Sovithiea KUCH, Communication Specialist
Tel: (0)77 772 077 (EN, KH)

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