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The importance of having a balanced and professional-looking web presence in the digital age cannot be overstated. However, managing your company web and social media pages may not be as straightforward as you think: as Laurent Notin points out, you need to plan ahead and come up with a comprehensive communications strategy for your venture.

With more than 17 years of experience working in Southeast Asia, Notin’s, the Managing Director of marketing agency Brains Communications, has a wealth of knowledge to share on the local and regional market. We tap into his professional insight to learn more about managing your company’s web presence in the Kingdom.

B2B: How would you assess the different media platforms in Cambodia?

Notin: TV remains the number one media in Cambodia followed by radio, then the Internet.

TV is also the media platform with one of the highest credibility levels. It attracts a wide audience nationwide. However, this does not mean that advertising on TV is efficient for everyone. I would say TV is a very good platform to create, raise and maintain brand awareness to a broad consumer base, but it needs to be supported with other advertising channels. You may see a product advertised on TV, but seeing a nicely designed print advert can reinforce the image.

Radio can help reach people in their cars on their way to work or people living in rural areas. The Internet’s penetration rate is steadily growing; most users are young and based in urban areas. An interesting fact, specific to Cambodia, is that 99% of Internet users have a Facebook account so they actually connect to the Internet via Facebook. This is unique to Cambodia, as of course information on Facebook is not always verified and informative. Print media are a good medium to display a brand’s value through well designed adverts, and to reach people who are reading — thus also a better educated and usually more solvent clientele.


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