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Brains communication has been engineered from its inception to tackle the biggest brands, organizations, and government partnerships with a passion and commitment that is unrivaled. 

Branding & Strategy

We create development strategies to help our clients reach their targets, prepare for events, and announce new projects. Our branding ensures our clients’ campaigns come with a cohesive identity that audiences can connect with.


Public Relations & Influencers

We seek out the individuals and businesses that will help grow our clients’ reach – both in Cambodia and internationally. We craft the right campaigns ideally suited to our clients and their goals through a combination of the best PR and media package, built just for you.


Event Planning

We’re here to make sure your event comes together exactly as planned, from start to finish, large or small. Give us the reins and we’ll confirm sponsorships, develop digital and print marketing strategies, incorporate social media, establish pricing, and run your event from beginning to end.


Digital & Social Media

We’re masters of social media management and content development that truly connects with your target audience. Our team monitors our clients’ multiple pages daily for engagement, reach, and feedback. In addition to all this, we keep track of data analytics and compile social media data to help us infer how to grow our clients’ online following.


Creativity & Design

Our creative team specializes in designing unique, stand-out logos for business launches and rebranding campaigns. From educational to punchy and everywhere in between, our graphics are perfect additions to campaigns, website and printed collateral alike. We’re also savvy when it comes to providing engaging and logical structures for local audiences.



We bring our accounting, strategic and creative minds together to develop groundbreaking advertising campaigns. We’re strategic about it, too; we start every project with research, and we use hard data–qualitative and quantitative–to build our strategy. We know how to grab viewers’ attention and reach the right audiences with our ads, to the benefit of you and your company.

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