FITNE is the No.1 Brand of weight loss control in Thailand. They have a range of original recipes for high-quality slimming teas and herbal infusions produced from natural herbs. Their products are produced up to european standards.


Fitne is a slimming tea which had been established in Cambodia for over 2 years when they contacted us to come up with a digital strategy for the brand.

Fitne needed to find the right tone of voice to engage with different market segments, targeting both young and mature female consumers.



After 2 years of digital presence Fitne has a fan base of more than 45K fansWe established a strong online presence and developed an effective strategy with posts with an average reach of more than 5 times their total fans base. Fitne increased their sales by approximately 15% over the last 2 years and this is having a clear correlation with our work online.