Qb is a small telco company in Cambodia with around 250K subscribers. They were the first to launch 3G in Cambodia and were promoting the very latest in multimedia and mobile internet services, including innovations in voice, messaging and value added services.


Qb was entering the market as the underdog and needed to grow their fan base quickly to compete against the leading telecommunication companies.

They needed to attract cambodia’s youth (especially tech-savvy) and promote their multimedia and mobile internet services.


Pokemon Go Story

Qb approached us at the time of the Pokemon Go mania and asked us to create a video that would increase their sales on a dedicated package to play Pokemon Go online.

In no time we came up with a script, a team, a production crew and the costume to create what would be THE Pokemon video in the country.

Within 3 days we had more than 250,000 views, 9,000 likes and 2,200 shares. We reached more than a million people on Facebook.

Qb exceeded their sales targets by 120%.