3 tools to replace Photoshop

April 5, 2018

Photoshop has become an indispensable tool for photo editing, but today there is a wide range of alternatives to Photoshop if you do not have the means or utility of all the features it offers.


Of course no software really rivals the real Adobe Photoshop, but for simple editing work here is a top 3 of very good quality and very powerful software :




It is the oldest free and free photoshop competitor, it is available for most operating systems: available on Windows vista and higher, Mac OS Tiger and higher and Linus.


*Perfect for retouching, image editing.

TOP 2 : Enlight


There are two versions :

Enlight 1 which costs about 4$ but does not contain a purchase in app. While the new Enlight 2 is totally free at the moment in the IOS app store but then offers paid .


Enlight 1, includes many photo editing tools, a multitude of filters, effects and presets.


Enlight 2, goes further, with more powerful tools. The no layer operation is proposed to go further than simple photo retouching.

(Enlight 1)


(Enlight Photofox)



Open source software, free and open source under the GNU GPL, has most of the features of GIMP and Adobe.


Oriented towards bitmap drawing, adapted to the creation of concept art, illustration and comics.