What is SEO

March 30, 2018

What is SEO ? ( Search Engine Optimization)


You probably already heard about this acronym, but lot of people don’t know what does it really mean, that’s what we are going to answer the more simply as possible.


SEO is the art of positioning a site, web page or application on the first natural search engine. At the first place if it’s possible, because it’s the only who are consult in major part. The objectif are to grow up the visibility, traffic or ranking. You can get up to 60% of visits only thanks to this position. But at this time this not limited just as search engine but at social network too.


They is one single question : How to made traffic ?


To answer to this question, you have to know that is exists two different type of SEO strategy : One on site and hors site. They are different but the two are essential to optimize your site, and make traffic.


SEO on site : The aim is to make search engine friendly, they must be able to explore and understand easily your content and the structure of your website. Concretely, as more they understand as more you are going to be at the first place on search engine. You have to be sure that’s your site, your beacons, your content and the global structure are optimized, this begin by your keyword choice. They allow to understand what will see a human being who visit your site, so that can be used by search engine can serve in a reliable way the expatiation of the human visitor by means of keywords. It’s the first step, it’s better to make this before the creation of the page. That is point of departure go any strategy of referencing. Without any well worked list of keywords, your efforts are totally useless.


It’s very important to have two different strategy for the keyword choices :


First one short tail : Three maximum words, they represent the first thing, which evoke your contents

Second one long tail : More of three words, more focuses, less large. You can’t generate so much traffic that with short tail words, but the traffic which you generate is exactly the one that you wait.


The most important about the keyword choice, it’s our relevance, you must have to take the place of users.

When your website is online, you can verify and rectify many things to ensure a good rankin for your website :

  • Title and pages describing : They are the first thing who are read by search engine. Draft unique and catchy title and describe. The title do not have to exceed 65 characters (including spaces) and 165 characters for the describe. Put in your keywords but be careful about repetition.  
  • See that the site be responsif, that mean that he must have to be compatible for all playback format (phone, tabloid..)  
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Be careful about loading speed, too long loading can be penalize you, we consider on average that above 2000 milliseconds, it can cause problem for the good referencing of your Website.
  • Verify the structure URL of your page : Write correctly url, they must be relevant and short : until 50 and 60 character.  Joint the keyword. Create interlink between your pages, I men that when two pages have the similar topic make link between the two.
  • L’ancre (je ne sais pas la traduction) (the text who compose the link between the page), its necessary to apply the link between the keyword to optimize the pages position. Verify that your Web site has an internal meshing which is relevant and good to structure.
  • Check the size of your text : Long content are better referenced,  it considers that you going depth and that is a qualitative content.
  • Images : Make short describe ( ex: dog, car..)
  • Add pages is the best way to improve your ranking too, it’s there blog come on. 

    ︎ After they is not lot of think to do, beyond the regular revision of keyword strategy.

    1.  SEO hors site : It represent all the action not directly connected to your website, they do not necessarily take place on the internet.  It’s a little more boring and it requires a follow-up and a regular implication.The backlinks ( Link hypertext placed on the range of an external site, which leave directly on a page of your site) : They are indicators of popularity of a Web site, strongly taken into account by search engines in the politics of ranking of site in answer to a request.

      The search engine verify :

      • The quality and trust according to the site
      • The thematic proximity of site
      • The quantity of other link present on the site
      • Le nombre d’autres liens externes présent sur la page
      • How the link is draft b

      The backlinks are essential for a good optimization of web site, they are one of pillard of natural referencing. Many of us are available by internautes who discover your site and talk about you, establish return link. You can also make promotion of their site on other site with press release, sponsoring, events, guest blogging..

      Watch what the most natural as possible, if internet think that you use black hat SEO, you traffic can be in danger and your website may end up in sandbox.