5 mistakes to avoid when creating your instagram account

March 30, 2018

Here are some common mistakes you could be making that are limiting your success on Instagram.


1- Don’t keep your profile on private.


Before buy a new food you like to test it. For instagram it’s the same. People want to see your content before click the follow button. Users want tobe able to judge whether  or not they are likely to enjoy the content you publish before follow you. In addition, they tend to stay away from private account. The time between when they ask to they are accepted on followers can be long and followers lose excitement. That’s why users tend to stay away from private accounts. I’m saying this because some people say that it attracts curiosity, but it’s not true.


2- Don’t leave your instagram bio blank


The biography instagram is the first thing people see when they get to your page, even before the photos. It is therefore essential to make a good impression from the first seconds by impacting the person with a bio that excites and informs. It is by reading it that when determining what your page is about, what content you create and why they should start following you. The Instagram bio is also the only place you can include a clickable URL to your website or another platform. In resume, what should you have in your Instagram bio? Your Instagram bio should include your name and/or your company name, relevant contact details (email preferably), your website/eCommerce store/portfolio and if you are a physical location, include your address so people can find you offline.  


3- Not being consistent with your visual identity


You have to be consistent everywhere: on your social networks, on your blog, on your printed visuals. You must be able to recognize your publications at first glance and for that you must remain on the same palette of colors, the same typographies, the same style of images, the same tone used. People have to recognize you in one peek.

Exemple : https://www.instagram.com/kerhouarn/?hl=en


4- Don’t post irregularly


Que vous soyez une marque ou un influenceur, il est essentiel de publier du contenu régulièrement. Pour cela il vous faut créer un calendrier cohérent de vos publications future, cela vous permet une cohérence et d’être actif au sein de votre communauté.

Évitez de poster sporadiquement et respectez un horaire régulier, en affichant aux heures de pointe lorsque vous recevez le plus d’engagement sur votre contenu.

Utilisez nos conseils dans cet article et créez un calendrier de contenu qui vous aidera à maintenir un horaire régulier d’Instagram.

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Whether you are a brand or an influencer, it is essential to publish content regularly. To do this you need to create a coherent calendar of your future publications, this allows you to be consistent and active within your community.

Avoid posting sporadically and stick to a regular schedule by posting at peak times when you receive the most commitment on your content.

Use our tips in this article and create a content calendar that will help you maintain a regular Instagram schedule.

Here are some common mistakes you could be making that are limiting your success on Instagram.

You can use Smartsheet website.

Exemple of template

5- Don’t forget about hashtags


If you don’t want to overwhelm or take away from your witty caption, add your hashtags as a comment below the image to keep each post uncluttered. The hashtag is a commonly known symbol used when sending messages over Instagram. Placing the hashtag symbol (#) before a keyword in your bio message or comment will make that keyword searchable by other on Instagram.

Example of an online service where you can find inspiration for hashtags https://top-hashtags.com/

Start by making sure that you are using hashtags that your target audience is searching for. By researching relevant hashtags for your brand or industry, you’ll be able to discover what your audience truly wants, as well as reaching higher levels of engagement on your posts.