GIPHY coming up on Snapchat

March 30, 2018

GIPHY coming up on Snapchat

Snapchat announce to integrate Giphy to Snapchat’s stories.

As Instagram before, it’s now Snapchat who integrate the famous GIF platform into his stories, a way maybe to convince users to stay after the fail of the revamp of Snapchat that left user very unhappy.

But what is Giphy and why is it so famous ? What is Gif ? keep on reading !

(That is an excellent question)

GIF : (Graphics interchanges format) this is moving pictures which repeats infinitely they illustrate emotion, actions and point of view in few second. Most of time, they cooked up celebrities or movies extract about series or tv program.

(clark kent)

To be more specific, GIF exist since 30 years but they now a real booms at the arrival of the american stat-up named GIPHY in 2013 which enable to combine all gif on one site, concretely is the youth of the G. GIPHY had been creative by Alexa Chung and Jace Cookin February 2013. The idea of the site came to them during a breakfast while they discussed the increasing trend to the purely visual communication. Today, the platform combine 300 millions of users and records 2 billion published GIF and 800 000 GIF viewed a day.

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Furthermore, the begging to 2016 GIPHY successfully raised 72 millions dollars of funding, to transform video on GIF, created a GIF keyboard named GIPHY keys and create a  a wallet of tool “company” for aiders to transform them tools into GIF.They also made a partnership with Facebook, Twitter, Tinder so that the users can answer and comment with GIFS, even with Slack the collaborative messaging already integrated GIFS since autumn. Since 1 month you can joined GIF in instagram stories too ! You can find it at the same place of the stickers of localisation, weather.. And you can insert them directly on picture or video and increase or reduce them as you want !!!

(Hugh Grant)

Despite its 200 million users GIPHY lived from its investors and did not earn a penny. Recently the “Youtube of GIF” is ready to cross the cap of monetization. GIPHY launches sponsored GIFs (animated images from brands). Given the world of shareholders that already counts the platform it should not have to wait long before earning a lot of money.

(tous les billets de banques)

Maybe that you still wonder in what it can concern you?

(la petite fille)

  1. C’est plus léger et facile à mettre en œuvre qu’une vidéo
  2. GIF are a good way to captivate your audience and improving your communication
  3. They is amazing to advise, educate and explain concepts little adapted to a presentation in text or in fixed image.
  4. Show that you are in sync with the current trends on the Internet.
  5. Show highly-rated entertaining and “funny” of your brand.
  6. Bring a context to your comments
  7. Its a universal language, rapidly understand for all
  8. En créant ses propres GIF la marque/ entreprise joue un role de producteur de contenu.
  9. It can be a way to seduce new client
  10. You can created GIF with people of your team
  11. If you have a interesting visual, it can really improve the image of your compagnie for your community

Now you understand ?