Isn’t the proximity of social networking features killing usage?

March 30, 2018

#News n°1 : You know that’s you are going to find your future job on facebook.


You are looking for work ? Appointment shortly on the tab dedicated to job offers already online in USA and Canada since few month.

To apply, you just have to click on button “click now”, and automatically a pre-filled form by Facebook with your profile information (completed and modifiable) is send to the headhunter.

Next, following of the communication take place in messenger. About company, they can create a job advertisement, thanks to a dedicated tool too and share it. Concurrently,not that long ago LinkedIn modified all is interface, and it looks particularly similar to facebook interface’s, hence his nickname “Professional facebook”.


#News N°2 : Instagram equips its mailbox with video calls.


Facebook giant doesn’t stop there, he plans to enrich private messenger of Instagram. Nothing official at this time but a decoder published the icons found in the file code APK, that will be used for video call. No wonder, video call are the must-have of messenger, the application should welcome video calling features 4 years after its rival.

Here’s some news we could have anticipated… But why social networks are becoming increasingly similar ?


The story start with like on facebook who became heart on Twitter, the launch of snapchat stories copied three years later by Instagram then Facebook and Whatsapp.. and today facebook who compete with linkedin about job research. A social network imitates another social network, the goal actually is to stay the more generally as possible and constantly renew themselves not to lose their audience.

But notice that since Facebook failed to redeem Snapchat, he wants to kill the application by copying it. Since then we have been witnessing an update war (sticker, GIFs…)

In fact, users not really compare social networks among themselves, each have is personal uses. Like Instagram stay for publish beautiful pictures, Snapchat is more personal to share your life with friends and Facebook is more used for tagging, laughing and get informed. One may wonder why Instagram wants the redundant feature of video calls,  that all of its head company’s applications have. It should not be forgotten that some people who use Instagram, not necessarily use Facebook, Whatsapp or Messenger so they doesn’t want that our users change of shape. Because since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012 between the functions copied on Snapchat and the original ones, it was enriched. Today Instagram wants to be your phone, not just your camera.


Initially, Twitter is to tell people what you do at a given time, Facebook is more to share what you like in general, and LinkedIn is to share what you are good at. So, if all networks end up not having the same functionality and style of content, users will end up choosing only one network. And it will probably be Facebook, he remains the only one to reference the whole world in one click and the one who keeps a own identity.  A case to follow…