Press release

March 30, 2018

5 pieces of advice to write the perfect press release,  by Brains :


Press releases are the official way to communicate with journalists. That is the reason why the content should be breve, concise and structured. Ideally the press release should be one page long, and should not exceed 2 pages. It’s very short.


–  Keep in mind that journalists are very busy and receive countless press releases every day, that is why you need to catch their attention. The subject and the title are key elements : They are the first and most important information. When writing the body, you should focus on the most important information in the first paragraph, and keep the most general information for the end. Finally, do never forget your contact information below the last paragraph, so that the media can get in touch with you.


– The body has to follow the famous 5 W rules :


Who is this about ?

What is the actual news ?

Where does this event take place  ?

When does this event happen ?

Why this is a news ?


– Organisations and companies use this to promote goods or services, thus the press release should contain one information, but it should not be publicity. The data needs to be verifiable and specified and facts should be put into perspective with different angles.


– A great PR is the right information at the right time and to the right person. That’s what we call : storytelling. You need to tell the righ story with the right angle, that is interesting for the journalist. Also, to strengthen your impact, do not forget to adapt your information to the public you are talking to.