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At Brains Communication, we’re all about creative solutions that make a real difference. We’re a public relations, social and digital media marketing agency on a mission: to make a positive impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Cambodia is a country of constant growth, and that excites us. We’re always brainstorming new, innovative ideas and pushing boundaries to best meet the needs of this expanding market.

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Dedicated Team

Our close-knit, talented team knows how to drive success through open collaboration, respect, and dedication. Tirelessly motivated, we’re an experienced group of strategists and specialists–and we’re at your service.

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Creative solutions are our bread and butter. We want to disrupt thinking, and go so far outside the box you can’t even see the box anymore. Every challenge is just another opportunity for us to break the mold.

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Integrated Solutions

Our client strategies are rooted in real data, research, market insights, and innovative content. Relentless about results, our methods are proven to grow businesses and impact industries

We work in

Our services aren’t limited to a single industry. We work with a wide range of businesses, and we know that no two of them are the same–so neither are our marketing strategies. We’re all about creating case- and industry-specific solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs. We’re your partner, and we know how important it is to do our research in order to best tailor our services for you and your company.

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Retail & Wholesale
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Hospitality and Venue Management
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Health Care
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Digital Platform Marketing

Meet Our Team!

Janis Koknevics


Hani Mansour

Creative Director

Chanvisal Meang

Finance Manager

Ravihansi Fernando

Social Media Manager

Viphea Reth

Client Service Manager

Sokmeas Khon

Studio Manager

Malin Kem


Sopheak Len


Sohtearith Svay

Graphic Designer


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Our Creative Process

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Let’s Meet

You know what you want, and we have the tools to help. An initial meeting helps us understand your needs so we can figure out how to tackle them.

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You’ve told us what you need, and we’ve brainstormed solutions. This is our chance to show you what we have planned for you and your business.

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No one gets it completely right on the first try, and we are happy to have feedback. After our pitch, we refine our concept, make requested changes, and ensure our plan meets your budget.

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Finalize the Details

Once we’ve got the concept, it’s time to talk timeline. We’ll go through and set up deadlines to make sure the project stays on track.

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Sign On

After all the details are sorted, it’s time to make it official. We’ll write up the contract to meet your exact needs and specifications–all you have to do is sign.

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Let’s Meet Again

Our first meeting is all about outlining work processes and opening up channels of communication, which we think are essential to ensure our mutual success.

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La Croisette

La Croisette, one of the first restaurants founded in Phnom Penh and well known for its legendary breakfasts, Khmer fusion delicacies and Mediterranean influenced specialities, is working on a brand new concept, unprecedented in the Kingdom, to bring its unbeatable hospitality to the next level. We are delighted to be part of this exciting project and can’t wait to launch their new branding, website and social media campaign this Summer!

Total Campaign

Total launched this June its new international campaign in the Kingdom. With unmissable references to cinematographic blockbusters, this campaign is meant to be modern and spectacular. The short movie depicts the epic battle of the Total Excellium heros army against the dirt accumulated in your vehicle’s engine. Make sure you check it out!

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Avene Social media

Avene is the skin care specialist from France, using Avene Thermal Spring Water in its products to soothe sensitive skin problems for the old and the young. We are proud to have the French brand among our clients and our social media specialists are working on fabulous content for the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts launching this fall in the Kingdom!


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