Gateway to your business

Brains can help you design, build and launch an SEO optimized website so you can put your best foot forward in the online marketplace. We build clean & dynamic websites, supported by strong content strategies and user friendly experiences. We work to understand your objectives to develop websites that bolster your brand,  support your sales pipeline and help you meet your business goals.

The focus of the first step is to gather all the necessary information for the project, analyze the requirements, define the purpose, and determine the website goal, key messages, company portfolio and timeline. 

Using the information from the first step, our team will work on listing all the topics and sub-topics of your website. This navigation will help you to visualize the website and how a user can jump from one page to another. 

This step allows us to look at link names, paths to conversion, ease of use, navigation, and the placement of features. Also identify the user journey or content flow, future content growth opportunities, and flaws in the site architecture.

Content development is often the longest part of the website process. Following the wireframes structure, it’s time to fill up these pages. From titles, text, headers, and icons, we prepare everything and sort them by categories or pages.

Now it’s time to give life to your ideas. The web design will be the last step before the development, to give tangibility to the ideas in the previous steps and design UI that is a compatible version for desktop, tablet and mobile.

We are almost done! Now the developer has all the tools to deliver the website and make sure it is viable. This final step can take some time as it requires a long testing time. We offers maintenance services to keep the website updated. 

Reach out to us and let’s get the work started!